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Walk a Mile In Her Shoes
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Walk a Mile In Her Shoes

While traveling in Zambia, the hardest part is watching mothers as they scavenge to provide for their families. They will walk many miles for water, searching for any food they can find, and for an opportunity for work. Can you imagine eating bush rats? Many work in fields with babies tied in chitenges on their back. We are humbled by the sight of a woman with her children, sitting in the sun on the side of the road, pounding rocks all day long into various sizes of gravel in hope of someone needing to buy some for a construction project. Each pile is neatly built, each has a different size of gravel to supply the material needs of construction workers.

The sight of a mother holding her child dying from malnutrition or dehydration caused by the diarrhea from drinking contaminated water, is heartbreaking. In America, we turn away and close our eyes saying, “It doesn’t affect me.” This is a sight we see every day in Zambia and wonder why the world is not paying attention to anything but their cellphones. Mission Possible A to Z has a goal of awareness; to make this plight known. We waste so much while they are desperate; we waste enough water just brushing our teeth to be able to supply an entire family for a day. Digging wells, the purifying water from moringa seeds, and other clean water initiatives will give an opportunity to future children of Zambia, and we hope you share our vision.

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