Volunteer to Help Change Lives

Mission Possible A to Z is always looking for a core group of volunteers. Due to the large amount of fundraising, there are many ways to help even if you’re not from the Wooster, OH area:

⊕  Sponsor a bake sale and donate the proceeds
⊕  Have a yard sale, and advertise your proceeds will go to a mission
⊕  Get your teen group together to do a car wash
⊕  Get sponsors for a bike-a-thon
⊕  Contact service organizations for partnering
⊕  Designate Mission Possible A to Z, or The Sunflower Family Orphanage as the mission project of choice with your church
⊕  Rally co-workers to make a difference
⊕  Issue a challenge
⊕  Explore companies that do matching funds for charity.

Contact Mission Possible A to Z  for additional opportunities, and information about volunteering locally, and in Zambia.