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The Planting of Miracle Trees

Sue, a member of the mission team, plants moringa with the children.

Sue, a member of the mission team, plants moringa with the children.

After the successful completion of the tilapia pond at the Sunflower Family Orphanage in June of 2013, we’ve moved onto our next project of planting hectares of moringa trees. These “miracle” trees grow to maturity in 1 year, and research shows the leaves have a nutritional powerhouse of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. We have planted our pilot project of 100 seedlings, and if successful, we will plant several hectares of these plants in hopes of feeding the 100 plus children at the orphanage. The moringa can be put into soups, made into tea, or eaten as a green salad, and the excess will be fed to the livestock. Feeding the livestock will save a tremendous amount of money now spent on animal feed.

We very excited about these plants, and the research we’ve read over the past 2 years. During our 2013 trip, we visited a Zambian operation that is using these trees to feed all their healthy animals. I am looking forward to expanding this project, and designing recipes to make this a daily nutritional supplement to the diet of the children, especially the girls who are very calcium deficient.

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