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News from Chantal, A Close Friend from Zambia

I still talk to Chantal, my dear friend in Zambia, every weekend. Life is so hard for the Zambian people. The rain that should have started in November didn’t come until after Christmas, and it’s sporadic. At our Sunflowers Orphanage, they’ve already had to replant the maize (corn) in hopes of getting a crop to harvest. Chantal tells me about the “load shedding”, where electricity is allowed only at certain times for a few hours. Prices have skyrocketed as their currency, the kwacha, has fallen to half the value it had when we first started our mission there almost 10 years ago. Can you imagine living on half the income, rolled back in time? Her chicken business has taken a loss, and many of her friends have stopped raising chickens. We don’t know what is killing the poultry; maybe the Zika virus, or possibly added ingredients into the feed. Both are just my thoughts. I know the feed price keeps rising, and I wonder if “strange stuff” is being added to stretch the weight of the bag to make more profit. No matter what it is, people are suffering more than they have in years, and I worry that a peaceful nation is becoming disgruntled.

Chantal continues to keep focused on her faith. I wonder, could we have her courage and strength if our lives were as difficult?

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