$50,000Donation Needed

Mission Possible A to Z began as an educational mission to collect text and library books to supply a school of 700 orphans in the Chambishi area of Zambia. Various fundraising efforts raised enough money for the international shipping of 27,000 books. Partnering with other organizations, book bags were made and a school supply package was prepared for each child.

$30,000Donation Needed

Mission Possible A to Z’s support of the Sunflower Family Center Orphanage has fostered the beginning of a small farm. The funding of the chicken house and the purchase of chickens provides an egg per day for each child. The tilapia aquaculture project experienced the first harvest in June 2014. In the future, our desire is to build another pond to have enough fish to feed the orphans with extra to be sold at the market.

$30,000 for 3 new wellsDonation Needed

Clean water is life! Our travel teams has personally been witnesses to this first hand struggle and it’s heartbreaking to watch. Filthy or mud puddle water is often the only source available, and water-borne disease is a major cause of death in infants and young children. This burdensome chore of fetching water is done every day by women and children, walking for hours with a 5 gallon bucket on their head...

$40 / month per childDonation Needed

The Sunflower Family exists solely on the contributions of donors, and the sustainable projects developed by Mission Possible. 27 Belgians, 3 French, and 10 Americans are the current sponsors of 40 of these children. Most American sponsors have been members of the Mission Possible A to Z Team, and have a personal connection to the children. On-going support of a child costs $40 per month.  Our hope is that someday, every child will have a sponsored family...

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Mission Possible: A to Z is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that depends on your charitable donations to continue our work in Zambia. Every dollar raised goes toward improving the lives of the Sunflower Orphans and the villagers of Mulungushi Agro. Mission Possible A to Z’s projects are not a one-time handout; all of our projects are sustainable, environmentally responsible, and designed to foster economic growth and development. We are respectful of the Zambian culture and their ideas, and share with them, the dream of a better tomorrow for their children.

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